Types of Thermostats Based on your Needs

It is very difficult to choose best available product without knowing everything about it. We prepared such basic guide on Types of Thermostats to introduce you to the various kinds available in the market & their differences.

There are various thermostat manufacturing companies in the market that are producing a great quality of devices that can keep your house warmer when you need and cooler when it is required.

Thus a comfortable and soothing atmosphere is what you get with the help of these wonderful devices.


The manufacturers are designing different types of thermostats so that you all can get the best according to the parameters and your requirements.


The manufacturers are designing different types of thermostats so that you all can get the best according to the parameters and your requirements.

Generally, you won’t see a mechanical thermostat with a digital screen. They just have an analog indication through which you can read out the temperature on which the device is set.

So, with the help of different mechanical mechanisms brought together this kind of thermostat is formed. Only by rotating the dial on the device and setting it on the desired temperature marking the temperature can be controlled and adjusted in the desired manner.

Honeywell CT410B Thermostat is the best reviewed mechanical thermostat unit.

To follow the things in an ancient way you can have one such masterpiece home thermostat at your place. But yes it won’t be of much help as these are now outdated.

These devices were used just a decade ago and now with the inclusion of the new and advanced ones have taken their place.


After the use of the mechanical thermostat for some period of time and then the digital thermostat were invented. the digital models did not really had another extra feature rather than altering the temperature inside the house.

These digital thermostats can be programmable or non-programmable.

But in both the programmable or the non-programmable units there is always a display screen present on the device that readouts the temperature inside the house as well as the temperature outside the house.

Even the display screen can be a touch captive or a just a display screen, but both are under the digital thermostat segment as it consists of a digital display screen.

So, basically, this type of thermostat devices are the one which displays the conditions and settings of the unit in the digital format on the screen rather than the analog dial reading.

Honeywell TH3110D1008 Thermostat is the best non-programmable digital thermostat device that can work the temperature alterations very efficiently and precisely as compared to the mechanical ones.

The another basic difference between the mechanical and the digital devices are the basic working and components. One is mechanically driven while the other has electrical circuits and displays.


The non-programmable versions of thermostat device are the one which cannot do the programming. Of course, as the name suggests. But this does not mean they do not work.

Non-programmable thermostat units are the one which can do the required cooling or be warming the house. This is done by controlling various other devices but it does that without any kind of programming.

However, even with so many technological innovations that are being discovered and implemented.

And even with smart versions of the thermostats, the manufacturers are still manufacturing the Non-programmable ones.

Apparently, these devices just have a simple function and operation. You just can do the required temperature fluctuations as and when required. And this can be done by using the temperature increase or decrease button. And the temperature fluctuations will be seen on the digital screen of the thermostat. So, basically, there is no other great operational functioning or add-on feature to this kind of thermostats.

The best Non-programmable thermostat unit is the Honeywell TH3110D1008 Pro Non-Programmable Digital Thermostat..


This is the latest and most advanced form of thermostat device that you can get. Such types of devices allow you to schedule the temperature alterations for the upcoming week or upcoming days.

So basically, you are able to plan the whole up and down of the temperature, on and off of the device as well as other alarms and functions that the thermostat does, all can be pre-planned and programmed for the future.

This saves time and effort, and hence you do not have to go and adjust the device every now and then.

Essentially, programmable thermostats have different sensors with the help of which you can even set the turning on and turning off of the device.

With the help of such devices, it becomes very easy and simple to maintain a comfortable temperature in the house all the time.

You just need to do the programming, which is setting the temperature change for a particular time for a few days together.

Nest Learning 3 Generation is one of the top Programmable Thermostat devices that you can get from the market at present.

With all the advanced features and facilities that are available in this unit, makes the device a high-end gadget.


Earlier, the thermostat units were required to be wired with different devices that are to be controlled. But with the great leap in the field of wireless technology, all the devices are getting smarter and wire free.

Such devices are connected with the use of different wireless connectivity portals such as Wifi or Bluetooth and much more. But the most common connectivity is Wifi & the device is known as WiFi Thermostats.

So, now there are thermostats that are connected to another device such as heaters, furnace, air conditioner or dehumidifier and so on, with the help of Wifi.

So now you are free from the worries regarding the wiring and connection of all the gadgets.

Ecobee 3 is the best wireless thermostat. You have different sensors and different gadgets all connected to the main unit with help of Wifi connection.

So there is no concern or worries regarding the wiring issues. And thus the efficiency in connectivity increases in such connections.

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