Do Ecobee thermostat work together?

Yes, Ecobee thermostats were designed to work together and can be part of a smart home ecosystem. Ecobee offered a range of smart thermostats that can be controlled remotely through a mobile app or integrated with various smart home platforms.

If you had multiple Ecobee thermostats in your home, you could manage them collectively through the Ecobee app or other compatible smart home platforms. This allows you to set up zones, adjust temperatures, and monitor energy usage for different areas of your home.

Grouping Your Ecobee Thermostats

Ecobee provides the functionality to group multiple thermostats in the web portal. Ensure they are configured to share the same ‘System Mode.’ Even if you have various Ecobee models, compatibility is seamless across all of them.

By grouping your thermostats, they collaborate effectively, mitigating any conflicting signals to your HVAC system. This proves especially beneficial in maintaining a uniform temperature across distinct zones in your home, contributing to enhanced energy efficiency.

What is Share system mode in Ecobee thermostat

“Share System Mode” refers to a feature that allows users to synchronize the system mode settings across multiple Ecobee thermostats when they are grouped together. The system mode refers to the overall operational state of the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system, such as heating, cooling, or off.

You have an option to share various behaviours..

Its not just grouping them them together.

It’s essential for the thermostats to synchronize specific behaviors.In the group settings section.

For example it’s likely that you prefer them to share the System Mode, indicating they will all engage in heating or cooling simultaneously.

Additionally, you may want them to adopt the same temperature setting as the driving factor. This  can be achieved through either the Preferences or Schedule settings—or possibly both.

Disclaimer: This service may not be working from last 8 months….(since March 2023)

A Reddit thread in Ecobee subreddit has popped up that brings a major problem in this feature from ecobee end and the problem still seems to persist even at present since 8 months.

The thread says The Grouping feature available via the Web Portal has been temporarily disabled in order to help restore normal other operations.

It says it will  eventually be restored, but they do not currently have an ETA about it. When it happens they update you on this Reddit post.

People who contacted customer support got this answer:

We will not notify when [or whether] this issue will be fixed.

Here is the link to the thread: Please check this thread for latest update or contact customer support to know if its been fixed.

Thermostat group not sharing system mode anymore.
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