Best wifi thermostat with lockout for home or rental property

Are you a rental property or mini business owner, or do you have curious small children in your home.In such case you certainly want to lock your thermostat to control who can or cannot access the temperature setting to prevent damage in terms of energy bills or hvac instruments. Well you can be relieved because if you want to buy a wifi thermostat most famous brand and their models offer such functionality, even the china made models like Beok etc. We list some of the best wifi thermostat with lock out based on their ease of use, applicability and trouble shooting.

1.)Emerson sensi wifi thermostat .

Buy any model of Emerson sensi. It comes with lock feature from app or from the keypad if it is not touch screen. We like the classic Emerson sensi without touch screen or its use of ease for lock out.

The keypad can be locked remotely or at the device by pressing menu and up button for 5 seconds But it cannot be unlocked from keypads.For that you have to use the app as shown above.This is ideal if you do not want other occupants of the home or building to change the setting except you who will have full control from the app.Perfect for landlords and rental property owners.

To assure that you have  keypad lock you need to have to confirm that you have

Firmware version: 9.06 or greater

iOS App version: 1.1.0 or greater

Android version: 1.091 or greater

In addition Emerson updates the firmware within 24 hours of installation son you don’t need to upgrade the thermostat.

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2.)Honeywell Thermostat-All wifi honeywell thermostat comes with a partial or full lock mode. This allows you to completely or partially lock various features of thermostat. Fully full lock prevents accidental or unauthorized change in heat/cool temperature set point.

While locking honeywell gives you a pin which you can reenter to unlock thus you should remember the pin even if you forget the only option which remains is to call customer support. Toll free no-18004681502

Things which you should have before calling customer support –

1.model number code

which you can easily find in menu>equipment status

The best and economic model we could find is Honeywell TH9320WF5003 Wi-Fi 9000 because with these wifi models unless users has the pin you will be assured that no one can change your settings but in keypad lock thermostats the lock and unlock is just few button press away on the thermostat.

You can also set minimum and maximum temperature range and give partial access to your tenants so that they can only change temperature set points within your allowed range. To do that go to

Menu>Preferences>Advanced preferences>programmable>Set minimum and maximum temperature>Done>Previous menu>Home.

Thermostat with keypad lockout is particularly suitable for landlords or rental property owners as the guest are totally locked out.

There are also thermostats which allows to set temperature limits.

But it does not lock the buttons.

So it wont be secure and cause huge money bills if tenants mess up with temperature setting continuously.

For other who want a thermostat for tenants as a landlord or don’t want children or unauthorized person accessing the thermostat use keypad lock out models.

Other Honeywell thermostat that have screen lock out feature are

If you want  keypad lockout try these models:

T9/T10 Smart thermostat with wireless sensors . T10 is duel fuel  compatible with humidity control.

T5/T6 Smart thermostat without wireless sensors. Models including TH6320WF2003, TH6220WF2006, TH6320U2008, TH6220U2000, TH6210U2001

Honeywell wifi thermostat with  RTH9580WF, the RTH9585WF, and the TH9320WF

Honeywell Vision proT H8110R1008, TH8320R1003, TH8321R1001, TH8321WF1001,

Honeywell Prestige IAQ  THX9421R5021.

For range stop settings, to set high and low temperature limits for heating and cooling try-
TH8110R1008, TH8320R1003, TH8321R1001, TH8321WF1001, TH6320WF2003, TH6220WF2006, TH6320U2008, TH6220U2000, TH6210U2001, THX9421R5021, TH6110D, TH6220D, TH6320U1000, TH5110D, TH5220D, TH5320U.

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3.)Ecobee wifi thermostat-Like all above companies Ecobee also give locking option for all its models. While being  expensive it is a smart solution for landlords because it allows to set temperature range limits for both heating and cooling.  To do that

  1. Go to Menu > Settings > Preferences
  2. Tap onHeating range/Cooling range
  3. Set the upper and lower limit values.
  4. Tap on Save.

Tenants can choose between heating and cooling but without requiring the pin and also not changing the temperature limits.If you want to be extra sure you can download an app called iftt which gives you the alert when the temperature program changes.

To lock an ecobee go to menu>settings> access control>enable security code and enter 4 digit password that you want to set. Then select  features that you want to require password or simply select all to lock the thermostat completely. If you forget your access code here are the steps to recover it

  1. Login to   and you can disable the password from there by going to Settings then access control and select disable.


2.)Call support and after confirming your identity they will send you the access code via email or through sms.

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4.)Nest smart thermostat.

Locking a nest thermostat is very easy. It can be done with the app or from the thermostat itself. One thing to point out is that nest doesn’t allow to set temperature ranges for heating and cooling separately. You can just adjust the temperature lower and upper limit. This is also a bit complex.

Nest allows you to lock in in two configuration.

a.)Heat or cool mode-In this mode you can lock in either Heat or cool mode. After you create a four digit pin you can set temperature limit for either heat or cool mode. Guest can change the temp by moving the nest outer ring within your set temperature but cannot alter the heating or cooling mode without the PIN. Also when You lock your thermostat with app  the smallest temp range you can set is 5 degree(Eg 70-75).There is no such limit when you lock at thermostat itself and you can set the temperature to a fix value.

b.)Heat-cool mode-When you lock your nest in this mode either by app or thermostat you can also set temperature range limit.The lowest range is 2 no one can change temperature by turning the ring without knowing the pin.Only you can change the set point using phone app.

So in effect you can only lock your thermostat for guests or tenants for a particular season and then you have change it or you have to give them app access in case of heat-cool mode as the ring slider wont work.

How to lock nest.

1.Tap setting icon located on top right corner.

2.)Turn the outer ring till Lock  option show up on the screen and tap on it

3.Enter 4 digit pass code twice.

4.)If you want to lock in heat-cool mode you have to do an extra step in the thermostat(not app) to set the temperature range.

5.)After you create passwords You can set temperature range for heat or cool mode or for heat-cool mode from app.

Note-If you forget the pin you can reset it via app and receive password reset link.

You can also do it via app.Here are the steps.

1.)Select on settings.

2.)Scroll to the bottom to lock.

3.)Tap and select the 4 digit pin twice.

4.)If you locking n Heat or cool mode you have to set the temperature range by dragging slider to min amd max range Remember the minimum allowed range in app is 5 while with thermostat there is no such limit.

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