Best cheap wifi thermostat under $100

As you know probably that wifi thermostat are not cheap.They easily cross the 100 $ range.But in an age when everything is becoming smart device controlled like Alexa or Google assistant one would naturally gravitate towards a wifi thermostat that could be used with such devices in your home.

However finding a affordable wifi  thermostat could be a pain when looking at so many models.So we have compiled a list of some good and cheap wifi thermostat that you could get from amazon.Based on customer reviews and experience using them the thermostats listed below are a decent value for your money.

One thing we would like to point out is that most of the time you don’t require a smart learning thermostat like Nest.This is because of the complexities of using such features.Your wifi thermostat may or may not have smart features like Geofencing.IFTT,Auto adjustment of schedule based on your past setting and other conditions like wether hmidity etc. But these are hardly the features most of the people will use.For example Geofencing which lets you change temperature with geolocation is hardly of any use if you routine is same on most of the days of the week.So a simple 5-2 days schedule will solve the same purpose.Also adjusting temperature multiple time whether automatically like in smart thermostat or manually is damaging to you hvac instruments and may cause higher energy consumption.So predominantly a thermostat which you can program and control remotely through app or your voice is the most desired features that will be more than you want to use in wifi thermostats.The prices of these thermostat will reflect according to these feature on the thermostats.

1.)Vine WiFi Programmable Smart Home Thermostat – 2nd Gen

Vine thermostat can be bought for about 70 dollars and it has all the feature of a wifi controlled thermostat.However it does not have few of the features like Geofencing and auto schedule feature.You have to manually program the thermostat for different setting you want.Other than that this device can be connected to any of you smart devices like tablet phone or home automation devices and can be accessed remotely.

It is compatible with most of the HVAC devices common in US and Canada and comes with weather forecasting up to five days through its cloud compatibility.It also has humidity indicator.Amazon offers tech support or the product for upto 90 days and it also comes up with 30 days return no question asked and get repair service for 3 years and a lifetime technical support.Vine also claims to give feedback within two working days.

Click here for more detail, price , reviews and ratings of Vine WiFi  Thermostat 

2.)Bosch Connected BCC50 Wi-Fi Thermostat

The Bosch thermostat is also compatible with most of the hvac devices and requires C wire and can be bought for 80 bucks.Also like all wifi thermostat can be controlled though phone tablet or smart devices like Google Home or Alexa.It reads humidity as well as temperature o the room.Although it has mixed and polarizing reviews it is still a good value for money as most find it easy to set up and app easy to use.You can set up to 4 preset schedules or program it as your requirement.Here the set up video by Bosch.

However like above it does not have auto adjust or IFTT feature or Geofencing.In other words it is not a learning thermostat.

Click here for more detail, price , reviews and ratings of Bosch Wi-Fi Thermostat

3.)Radio Thermostat CT50 7-Day Programmable Thermostat

This 7 day programmable thermostat works with most of the HVAC units whether single or multi stages.It is the cheapest thermostat in the list and can be bought for about 55 $.It can be powered by using  either 3 AA batteries or a C wire.The good feature we like is that you have the option of Geofencing with this thermostat along with other features which are common with others like remote access with smart phone tablet or home assistant devices.The thermostat can be accessed by multiple phone so that more than one family member can adjust temperature from anywhere as long as you have internet.It comes with pre built energy saving program that you can alter as your requirement. However it is not compatible with home automation devices.

This device may not be compatible with windows 10. This video explains how you can overcome that.

Click here for more detail, price , reviews and ratings Radio Thermostat 

4.)GoControl Z-Wave Battery-Powered Smart Thermostat

This thermostat is also compatible with most of the contemporary hvac system like standard 2-stage Heat & 2-stage Cool or on On Heat Pump Hvac Systems With 3-stage Heat & 2-stage Cool.

Has an android or ios app for controlling the temperature However it requires an Z wave hub to connect to you phone or other smart devices like Amzon alexa or Smartthings. This can be an additional cost if you dont have it yet.Other than that the thermostat is easy to use and install.Can be 4 AA battery powered (included) or 24 V C wire powered.It do not have a IFTT or Geofencing or auto adjust feature.

Click here for more detail, price , reviews and ratings of GoControl Thermostat

5.)Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat for Smart Home, DIY.

The thermostat is an old model of Emerson and can be bought for 97 $.It offers most of the feature of a smart thermostat like Geofencing,smart alerts for extreme temperature or humidity.The installation instruction is provided in the app with which you can manually install the thermostat in minimum of 30 minutes.The thermostat is also compatible with most hvac instrument.You can check compatibility from here.

Also it is compatible with most home automation like Apple home kit Amazon alexa or samsung smart kit.

Click here for more detail, price , reviews and ratings of Emerson Sensi Wifi Thermostat

6.)AirPatrol WiFi Smart Air Conditioner Controller

This thermostat is on our list because this thermostat will not require you to have any changes in your current AC system even if your AC system is old.The only exception is wired central ac system that do not use ir remote control.  It can connect to 10,000 different AC and heat pump models.If you consider the cost of buying a new Ac system because your contemporary thermostat wont connect to it this a deal in terms of money.If your AC is multi split you can add multiple thermostats and control all of them with one app on a single phone.It has Fahrenheit as well as Celsius reading option.Most customer found it easy toset up some even in 5 minutes.

Also this is a smart thermostat as it allows IFTT and geolocation(Geofencing) to control your temperature.All that for $100.

Click here for more detail, price , reviews and ratings of AirPatrol WiFi Air Conditioner Controller 

Other than the obove thermostats i found few thermostat like the Beca,Beok or Qiao xi pan on  which are chinese manufacture selling on Amazon but is available for purchase in Alibaba.These thermostat are not so reliable for obvious reason but if you want a thermostats quite low in price you can find multitude of these thermostats  at and find them or similar other wifi thermostats quite easily there and get it mailed through cheap china post.But as said these thermostat wont have the customer support or maybe clear installation instruction as i read in few of the reviews for models sold on amazon.

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