Lux WIN100 5-2 Day Programmable Outlet Thermostat for AC and Space Heaters

When you are in the market for the Best Programmable Thermostat, what do you look for? Easy to use? Properly functioning device? Does the job? and easy on the price… If these are the conditions, this one is for you. However, I need to mention that Lux WIN100 5-2 Day Programmable Outlet Thermostat is not a typical Programmable Thermostat. This thermostat is actually built for use along with space heaters as well as air conditioners which automatically restart right after electrical power reconnection, the Lux WIN100 5-2 Day Heating and Cooling Programmable Outlet Thermostat provides the convenience, comfort, and electricity saving advantages. In order to start using, simply connect the WIN100 into an electric outlet, plug your portable heating or air conditioning system into the thermostat, and you are all set.

To increase your house’s energy-efficiency, the Lux WIN100 comes pre-programmed with default heating and air conditioning plans which are meant to save up to 33% on power expenses over a year as well as assist to cut down on your carbon footprint. The WIN100 is 100% mercury free, so you can be assured it’s a safe and environment friendly option for your home.

The Lux WIN100 has a small LED display, which flashes in between the present temperature and time and also shows the established temperature, heat or cool setting, status and the day.

Keep in mind that both the Lux Products internet site and also the user manuals make note of is using an AC unit or heater which automatically restarts as soon as connected to power source. Some products don’t restart or switch on when the power is interrupted, particularly ac units with digital controls.

You need to know beforehand that Lux WIN100 is made for 110V appliances and not 240V commercial variety air conditioners.


Lux WIN100 5-2 Day Programmable Outlet Thermostat Installation and Setup:

When you open the package, you will see:

  • Lux WIN100 5-2 Day Heating and Cooling Programmable Outlet Thermostat,
  • installation guide,
  • instruction manual,
  • and two 1.5 volt G13 alkaline button cell batteries for maintaining the clock

You don’t really need to read anything for the installation; you will need to plug the thermostat to an outlet and plug the electric cord of your AC unit or space heater into the thermostat. As simple as that.

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I truly didn’t anticipate that many features and functions from a thermostat marketed at this price. The Lux WIN100 Programmable Outlet Thermostat is loaded with great functions which not only provide a consistent heating/cooling performance but additionally decrease power consumption.

The Lux WIN100 5-2 Day Programmable Outlet Thermostat has all the basic functions that you expect from a thermostat, including:

  • Separate programs for heating and cooling
  • Setting range 45-degrees F to 90-degrees F
  • For use with air conditioners and space heaters
  • Temporary temperature override
  • Not for use on conventional 24 VAC heating and cooling systems or electronically controlled space heaters
  • Energy star compliant
  • ETL approved

I will write more about some important features right here:

Set up Distinct Schedules with regard to Weekdays and Weekends

The Lux WIN100 lets you to experience the advantages of a programmable thermostat for your heating or air conditioning system. This particular product provides the convenience of 5-2 day programming which means that you can easily set up different schedules for weekdays and weekends.

The WIN100 additionally features an on/off switch, and also a heat/cool switch which will allow the utilization of this particular thermostat for both seasons: summer and winter.

User-Friendly Functioning

Providing straight-forward functioning, the Lux WIN100 features a trademarked Lux Speed Dial for easy programming,  on/off switch for efficient operation, and battery-free memory storage.

For additional convenience, this particular thermostat may be programmed before it is connected to the outlet (this feature is called as “armchair programmable“). When programmed, the product functions off of a regular 120-volt wall plug (with ground), and it comes with two 1.5-volt G13 alkaline button cell batteries for the clock.

The days are divided to 4 different periods that you’ll have the temperatures fixed and you can modify all the periods to when you wish the unit to turn off or on your heater or ac unit.

Ability to Tightly set the Desired Temperature Range

You’ll be able to set the Lux WIN100 thermostat to maintain the space temperature as close to your preferred degree as you wish.

For example, you are able to tell the thermostat that you would like your living space temperature to be at 72 plus/minus 1 degree. Which means that the thermostat will turn off the heating/cooling unit once the temperature gets to 72 degrees and reactivate it when it drops below 71 or goes higher than 73. It is a neat feature to have, however like I mentioned, you have to be careful about it. Simply because if you keep the range too short, you can get your heater or cooler to operate on very frequent cycles (as they will need to continuously be switched on/off as temperature changes) and trigger short cycles. I recommend keeping the range at a minimum of 3 or 4 degrees.

Special Features:

Speed Dial:

Speed Dial is a patented programming characteristic that’s only available from Lux products. No other brand provides this feature. A Lux programmable thermostat with the help of Speed Dial is so easy to program, in which the majority of consumers don’t use the instructions…ever! It really is that easy!


I wished Lux WIN100 had a longer cord so that we didn’t had to place it near the cooler/heater. You may need to buy an extension cord for this purpose – not a big deal.

If you set the temperature range too low, it may cause the heater/cooler to short cycle. Actually this is not a ‘con’, however I just wanted to mention once more in this section – so you will keep this in mind.


The Lux WIN100 is a heating or cooling programmable thermostat for window air conditioners and electric space heaters. In general, I think that this one is a really good investment. It offers a wide range of functions and sufficient energy efficiency, and the price is really reasonable.

If you’re looking for a thermostat for AC units and space heaters, then Lux WIN100 Heating & Cooling Programmable Outlet Thermostat is our suggestion. Many good reviews already proving the quality of this product.

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