Lux TX9100U Review

This thermostat is compatible alongside pretty much any kind of heating or cooling system available on the U.S market.

The Lux TX9100U showcases a user-friendly energy-saving design that is easy to learn even for the not so tech savvy people out there.

Due to the fact it’s programmable the TX9100U utilizes energy only when it’s necessary this unit will be a tremendous factor in helping you to spare money on your energy bills as well as protect the environment.

For safety and further benefits this advice is completely free from mercury.

Because of the large backlit display patented Lux Speed Dial as well as pre-programmed energy-saving plan the TX9100U is extremely simple to use.

The TX9100U allows you develop an entirely different program for every single day of the week and you are able to submit four different time intervals and temperature settings in a 24-hour period.

Whenever you are planning to leave your home for a longer period of time it’s possible to use the vacation hold feature to make sure that you are not paying to heat or cool an empty house.

Save Money and The Environment

Like all programmable thermostats the TX9100U helps reduce energy consumption but this efficient devicetakes savings a step further.

To maximize your home’s energy efficiency the TX9100U comes preprogrammed with a default heating and cooling schedule that’s designed to save up to $500 in energy costs over a year.

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