Lux TX1500E-010 Review

The Lux TX1500E is a great choice for people with little or no experience in replacing their old thermometer with a new one.

The only thing you need to focus extra on is marking your old wires so you know where to connect them on the new thermometer.

Installation Made Easy

The easy and fast installation and its ability to keep a nice steady temperature makes this unit a global favorite with home owners.

The ability to pre-program the AC/Heat to switch on and off at certain times during the week is a feature that many thermostats can’t handle all that well. But the Lux TX1500E handles this smoothly all the time, it truly is a “set-and-forget” feature that should be standard with every digital thermostat nowadays.

You can program the heat to switch off when you are at work and to automatically switch it back on when you come back home. This is crucial in keeping your heating bill as low as possible.

Issues With the Screen

The blue blacklight screen on this device is very easy to read and lights up when a button is pushed.
Some customers have expressed a mild irritation with having to push a button to view the current setting or the target temperature.

This thermostat is a top rated product by Consumer reports and is extremely affordable compared to other similar thermostats on the market.

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