Honeywell RTH7600D Review


Many homeowners grew up seeing the Honeywell name on their household thermostats. The brand is so deeply imbedded in popular culture that their model known as “The Round” is displayed at the Smithsonian as an iconic American product.

With that kind of legacy, consumers expect a lot from a Honeywell thermostat, and the RTH7600D Touchscreen Thermostat delivers.

The RTH7600D model is compatible with a variety of heating and cooling systems, including heat pump systems. Configuring the thermostat to alternate systems requires using its advanced programming options.

(Click here to download the users manual for the RTH7600D)

Simple, Set and Forget Features

Set the thermostat at the temperature you want, and this thermostat ensures it stays there, automatically swapping between heating and cooling. Its digital display is easy to read, easy to understand and easy to program.

Some consumer reviews complained that the advanced programming interface uses numbered codes like “0300” instead of plain text. The manual clearly explains the codes, so this may be a minor irritation.

Advanced programming also allows users to set reminders to replace the filter and batteries, features that reviewers liked.

Don’t expect the RTH7600D model to serve as a night light. The backlit display stays lit for about eight seconds, then goes dark to conserve the batteries.When lit, the display is extremely user-friendly.

Clear up/down arrows allow you to easily adjust your pre-set temperature, and the system holds the new setting.

Care-Free Programming

This Honeywell thermostat has all the programming options you’d expect from a quality 7-day system, allowing you to easily program the system for variable settings for each day of the week.

The feature that really sets this model apart is its “recovery” option.

Keep the system turned off while you’re a work, set the time you want it to recover your optimum temperature, and the system ensures that your home reaches that temperature by the time you walk in the door.

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