Honeywell RTH7500D Review

Perhaps more than any other company, household thermostats are most commonly associated with Honeywell, the brand whose history reaches back to the invention of a coal thermostat in 1855. Honeywell’s line of 7-day programmable thermostats continues that tradition, providing the convenience of pre-set temperatures for every day of the week.

The Honeywell RTH7500D Conventional 7-Day Programmable Thermostat was designed specifically for homeowners who prefer push button controls, rather than touch screen technology. The model is also priced slightly lower than its touch screen counterparts. All of Honeywell’s 7-day models allow users to program four settings for every day of the week, with terminology – wake, leave, return and sleep – that guide you through the process.

(Click here to download the users manual for the RTH7500D)

Installation – Pros and Cons

Honeywell thermostats can be used with a variety of heating and cooling systems, but some consumer reviews cited trouble in determining the wiring configuration with atypical installations. The product comes with stickers to help identify which wire goes where. Programming the thermostat is fairly easy, and the manual guides you through any confusion in terminology.

The RTH7500D model has an “automatic” option that allows you to set a single temperature that the system will then maintain, switching from cooling to heating systems as needed. It’s a handy option when you’re home all day, and it can be toggled off when you’re not.

User-Friendly Button Interface

Many homeowners will find the button interfaces more user-friendly than those with touch screens. The buttons ensure you won’t accidentally hit the wrong setting. To conserve the batteries, the display remains in “dim” mode until a button is pressed, which triggers the backlight.

The display itself is clear and concise, showing the current temperature, your pre-set temperature, the current time and three options for turning on the fan, setting the clock and for bringing up the scheduling menu. Up/down push buttons to the side make adjusting the temperature simple, even in the dark.

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