Honeywell RTH230B Review


As the leading manufacturer of thermostats, Honeywell offers more than two dozen programmable models. The Honeywell RTH230B is one their most affordable, offering precise temperature control whether the family is at home or away.

With a simple, basic operational system, the RTH230B allows users to save up to 33 percent on their energy bills, without having to tackle complicated programming.

The model doesn’t have every bell and whistle offered in high-end models, but has more features than one might expect for the inexpensive price. The RTH230B works for central gasoil or electric furnace systems.

Easy Programming + Consumer Reactions

The Honeywell RTH230B can be pre-set to program four time periods of the day, or “zones,” for both weekdays and weekends. A “house” icon displays when the system is running on auto-mode. Users can simply press the Mode button until the icon disappears to run the unit manually.

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The RTH230B also lets users interrupt the auto-mode by pressing the up/down temperature control buttons, a feature that consumer reviewers particularly liked. After two hours, the system shifts back to auto-mode. Not having to toggle through controls to adjust the temperature was a big plus for many reviewers.

Lack of Back-Lit Display and Hinged Cover

While some consumer reviews complained that the unit does not include a back-lit display, the screen does feature clear, easy-to-read time and temperature read-outs. The unit lacks a hinged cover, which bothered some reviewers as well. The RTH230B covers snaps on and off.

For the most part, reviewers reported easy installation, with many reporting that the unit was installed, programmed and operating within minutes.

The model has the accuracy that consumers expect from a Honeywell product, keeping the temperature to programmed settings to within a single degree Fahrenheit. While Honeywell offers programmable thermostatswith more extensive options, for those who prefer simple controls and ease-of-use, the Honeywell RTH230B Programmable Thermostat is a good option.

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