Best Honeywell thermostat review-Smart, Digital & Programmable

Honeywell is the most eminent and renowned brand in the entire world. It manufactures a lot more than just the thermostats. But Honeywell WiFi Thermostats are very distinct and ideal devices in its segment. They produce models which are high-end, efficient, great quality and updated with latest technologies. This is what makes Honeywell so renowned in this sector.


There are plenty of thermostat devices manufactured by this company. However, all being the best and efficient in working, it was quite a task to select the top of the chart units. But considering certain parameters like whether the device is programmable or not, touch captive or not, wireless or wired and other such constraints in consideration presents the top WiFi thermostats by Honeywell.


Honeywell WiFi Smart RTH9580WF is the best gadget developed by this brand. The unit has some unique features like seven-day programming, large touchscreen, humidity sensor, the flexibility of scheduling as well as Power Saving abilities.

But if you want to have a modern smart looking thermostat with high operational abilities then Honeywell Lyric is the best that you can get. This perfectly designed and sized unit consists of a long list of features. Hence it is a complete package of excellence.

Honeywell Lyric T5 Wifi Thermostat is the latest addition to the Honeywell family. It is a Wifi smart device that manages and controls all the other gadgets with ease and efficiency. This squarish gadget is a smart and advanced model with the elegant design.

In the list, the next best unit is Honeywell 7-day Programmable RTH8580WF WiFi Thermostat. This device may not be looking smart or advanced but this thermostat is best in the work. It has a digital display screen and can be connected to the other devices with the help of Wifi.

Honeywell RTH6580WF Wifi 7-day Programmable Thermostat is a device with a no touch captivity but just a display screen. Different from the earlier mentioned units, this one has different buttons on itself that can help to increase or decrease the temperature.


To be in the top list, the devices need to have plenty of features and high-performance ability. And that is what the Honeywell products have in plenty. So, let us see some of the best Honeywell WiFi Thermostats and discuss the in and outs of the same. Moreover, we will review all of them so that you have enough knowledge regarding what is best to buy.


This WiFi thermostat is being intelligently manufactured by the brand so that you can put it on the wall of the house and customize the color of the screen according to the background. Moreover, the device has an ideal temperature adjustment and control feature so that you are able to change the temperature effectively whenever needed.

The Energy management and power saving capabilities of this unit are exceptional. It saves a lot of energy and reduces the bills and makes it very much efficient.

This Honeywell thermostat has a larger size display that has the feature of touch captivity. This makes the user interface of the device very easy, simple and useful. It is one of the best and greatly designed indoor temperature regulating unit. And the most amazing part of this unit is that you are able to save a large amount of time by programming the wifi thermostat for different days altogether.

It even has an advanced and smart sensing capabilities that sense the temperature of indoor and outdoor and can itself set the devices to a soothing temperature. This smart sensing helps the automatic alteration to take place itself without bothering you to change it all the time.


Lyric addition by Honeywell is one of the advanced and most highly featured designing by the company. And as the matter of fact, Lyric 2nd Generation thermostat is one of the most sold units at present.

This one has a unique shape which can be easily identified. The sleek and smooth design of the device with ultra-advance features make the unit very a very energy efficient device. This is what you need when you have to run such gadgets whole day long. However, the smart system that it possesses has the capabilities to turn on and off the unit itself according to your presence and absence in the house.

With the complex and leading technology of this thermostat makes it somewhat difficult to use but there are the customers’ service and a very helpful and easy to read manual available with the main device that can help your way through any difficulty.

Eventually, the multistage heating and cooling system that is been controlled by this thermostat is very useful and works expertly. It will be perfect Home Thermostat for your house.


The Lyric T5 is the latest version of Lyric in the family. This unit is squarish and stylish in every sense. The working and the looks complement each other with the excellence in both. This version of the wifi thermostat by Honeywell has a remote access to it and hence can be handled and controlled even from a distance.

There is also a smart alert system that this device possesses. It allows the alert messages to get transmitted to your smartphone as well as on the display screen of the device. This helps you to know if there is something wrong with the wifi thermostat. The alert system can even give you the encounter with the issues, if any, in the connected devices as well.

This device is designed such that it does not harm the environment in any kind. And hence being an eco-friendly device it can take care of all the things from no kind of pollution to saving the energy by utilizing certain features.

There even are the feature that allows the unit to intelligently calculate the soothing room temperature according to your past comfort temperature so that it does the alterations according to the outside temperature without bothering you for making those changes. All this features makes it the perfect Smart Thermostat which you must have.


7-Day programming means to program the thermostat unit together for the next seven days. So this product from Honeywell has the ability to be programmed for seven days. According to the weather forecasting, you can pre-schedule the wifi thermostat temperatures mentioning the changes in temperature at a particular time.

This way you can become free from the operation of the thermostat on the daily basis. Rather you just need to do that once in a week. With this said, Honeywell RTH8580WF thermostat is even a Wifi enabled device. This means that it can be operated and connected to the other devices using Wifi.

The backlight feature of the screen even allows it to be visible at night or say in the dark.

However, the unit might not look so eye-catching as other Honeywell wifi thermostats do, but this device serves the work very effectively. There is just a wide display screen which displays various temperatures and other featured settings and options. But yes, it is has a touch captive screen so that you do not have to mess up with the buttons all the time.

There are even the automatic software update feature and an auto-changing feature from heating to cooling as per the environmental temperature rise and fall. Along with all this, it has a precision temperature changing accuracy of + or – one degree Fahrenheit.


This is the most simple yet effective Wifi thermostat by Honeywell. It does not have a large display screen or the touch screen but yes it does have a display screen, A small one. This simple box of electronic mechanisms can control heating and cooling of the house very well.

The display has backlight facility and shows the current temperature outside and the temperature at which the thermostat is set.

However, not being a touch interfacing unit, it has a few pair of buttons that included in it. This buttons can provide you the ability to alter the settings and the temperature of the thermostat as well.

So, if you just want the best working wifi thermostat device and don’t care about the looks or interface, then this model is what you are looking for. No matter, if it there is no touch screen or a great look, it still can program for 7 days according to you and follow that very precisely. Moreover, it is a Wifi enabled thermostat.

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